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September 2009

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so a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders late last night, thank god. but now i feel shitty but i guess i'll feel that way for the next seven days. oh well im just glad im okay, didnt go to school today and not sure if im going tomorrow if im still feeling like this i probley wont. i really cant afford to miss anymore days though..
still havent been talking to my bestfriend, just dont even feel like dealing with it..if she wants me in her life she'll make some sort of attempt. i dont even think she realizes anything is wrong shes too caught up in her own little world right now to realize anyones feelings but her own. oh well, you can only do so much to help. so my saturday night was really fun, hungout with alot of great people and drank and smoked hookah alll night my sisters friends are really cool and laid back to party with, then i had my friends Alexa Aj Nate and Thomas. Played lotsss of beer pong and lets just say i got a really good nights sleep(: lol. i passed outtt. then had a lazy day allll day on sunday smoked more hookah and then finally got home only to leave again and go to my friend kaitlyns.
I talked to my dad today he wants me to go and see him sometime in the beginning of May which i dont know if i'll be able to do, or if i really want too. i'll still be in school and its just weird going like two years without seeing him and then hes moved on and has a fiance' and all this other stuff i have no part in. its a whole other lifestyle that i just dont even feeling like being around for a week, but then again i probley should just go ahead and get it out of the way.. i dont know im gonna think about it..
anyways i really need to start looking hard for a job, im sick of sitting on my ass all the time when i could be doing something productive and atleast making some money to put towards a car.
hmm just some thoughts for this boring monday ive had, i really need to go finish a history paper.