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September 2009

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same shit different day.

so here i am trying to get my life together finally and im fucking miserable. nothing is going right i work all the time then sleep when i dont work and hardly ever hangout with anybody.. life is getting lonelier each and every day.. im so sick of complaining but what else is there to do really, im sick of being told i need to get a life tell me something i dont know? all of my friends only seem to wanna hangout when im like yeah lets partyyy! but never any other time. im trying to better my life but im getting nowhere. on top of that im losing touch with two of my good friends over nothing i seriously cant think of what ive done to either of them..im sick of feeling like a bad friend, when i cant even tell you how many times people have screwed me over.
im sick of crying ive cried almost everyday in the last 2 weeks im an emotional wreck, its like ive been waiting so long for things to get better but there not. im SO sick of being told things will get better when there not and havent been for awhile now.
and boys, dont even get me started to them every single last one of them is a waste of time and i will believe that until im proven differently which i highly doubt that is happening anytime soon :( i wanna mean something to somebody and not just be some piece of ass because thats not who i am. boys truely disgust me here lately, really like when the hell do they grow up? im a good person and i know i deserve way better then the jerks i try to go after. for once i really dont have any intrest in anybody because im finally realizing how stupid they can be. as much as i wanna find somebody to pass the time away with there is absolutely no one i can picture myself with. where did all the good ones go?

im sick of wasting my time, same shit diffent day mann. wheres all the excitement? and when does this shit get better really...