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September 2009

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i never get on this thing, ive had soo much going on in the last few months its been crazyyy. life is finally starting to settle down i work and go to school when i actually manage to get up for school anyways. i really gotta motivate myself to go school it needs to be my main priority right now. i barely ever chill with my bestfriend anymore i guess shit changes she's got her boy so thats all that really seems to matter right now..as for me and boys im interested in someone butt i feel like everytime i even tell someone about me liking a guy i jinx it so for now hes unknown(: lol. i really do like spending time with him though. but we'lll seee. other than that lifes okay, im finally 18 so im able to do alot more i love the freedom and being able to be out whenever i want without being worried about stuff. i know pretty lame but it is nice. i feel like i have so much to write about but im just really doing a short update i was reading some of my old entries and was like damn i used to be miserable lol. im finally over that part of my life thank god. but im going to try and write more often, shit just gets hectic sometimes especially with all thats happend in the last few months. yesterday was two months since miranda passed i miss her more than i could ever explain. but i know shes watching over us<3 we'll looks like im off to get ready for work!